Will you create a society that welcomes pain, seeing all forms of agony as just one step closer to their deity? Or will comfort, physical love and a colony that runs around naked as hell be the preference?

Rimworld Ideology is stacked with a wide range of strategy based scenarios, from combat to climate. So what will your legacy be?

With such a strong and growing fan base, we wanted to ensure this trailer not only showcased the intricacies of this new DLC, with all the twists and turns it has to offer, but also stayed true to the Rimworld franchise.

Throwing dark humour into the gameplay footage, we revealed to the viewer some of the more questionable paths you can explore. From the creation of your colony to its growth, you’ll discover just how strong their beliefs truly are.

To complement the visuals, we created a piece from 10 separate tracks that echoed the gradual transformation of your colony. 

RimWorld: Royalty

When our friends at Ludeon Studios needed a legendary narrative trailer to announce their RimWorld Royalty DLC, we knew we could make something fit for a king. Ludeon gave us the keys to their kingdom by providing us with some mind-blowing gameplay capture as well as collaborating with us on a truly epic script!

Our team sprang into action, creating a rousingly royal edit to fit the snowballing narrative. Loaded with a seriously entertaining VO, our award-winning Audio Director dug right in to capture the quintessentially kingly tone from our voice actor, and then pulled the whole thing together with a slick and delightfully escalating music edit to perfectly epitomise the comedy and drama Ludeon Studios wanted for the launch of their highly anticipated expansion.

Rimworld - Royalty Expansion Trailer