Life at TrailerFarm


We're a vibrant and dynamic team dedicated to crafting captivating, artistically brilliant, award winning cinematic content for gamers worldwide. We tell stories, think outside the box and push technical boundaries. 

At TrailerFarm we believe that when work feels like play, creativity knows no bounds. Which is why life at TrailerFarm is fun, friendly and flexible!

Our Origin

Established in 2011, we are THE cinematic creative production studio dedicated to delivering the assets that game developers and publishers need to get their games noticed.

With a main UK studio in Brighton and an extended network of partner studios and contractors globally, we have built robust technical pipelines to deliver complex multi-disciplinary projects. 

It may have started with trailer editing, but our expertise in technical art has been growing with every cinematic we deliver.  As part of the 12,000 strong Keywords Studios Group we leverage talent and expertise to provide you with solutions to the most ambitious of challenges.

Our Culture

At TrailerFarm, we are committed to nurturing and supporting talent and personal development across all genders, ages, races, nationalities, abilities, sexual preferences and religions. We provide training and support for the development of new skills and there are plenty of opportunities to progress and grow within the company.

But it's not all about work, we make time for fun too!  From epic company parties, to lively nights out and team building days, we believe that a healthy work-life balance is essential to a happy life. We also provide wellness programs, unlimited sick days,  have fully trained Mental Health First Aiders as well as access to free therapy and other mental health we understand mental health is just as important as physical health.

Flexibility is a key part of our success, so we are happy to provide a flexible work environment that allows our team to be their most productive selves. Whether you prefer to brainstorm in our colourful office or reflect in the comfort of your home office. We support everyone's unique working style. 


Our Team

Friendship and collaboration are a key part of our culture. We welcome and applaud all kinds of skillsets and expertise as we understand the power of teamwork and collaboration.

In addition to our full and part-time team we also love to work with talented freelancers and are constantly on the look out for new talent and collaborators. No idea is too small, everyone's voice is valued and we encourage open communication and input from all members of the team regardless of their role.

We pride ourselves on fostering a culture that cultivates a safe and equitable space for all. Over 50% of our staff are women and we are proud to say we have NO gender pay gap!

We’re a team of project managers, concept artists, animation leads, game capture experts, writers, cinematics artists, animators, editors, finance geniuses, camera artists, VFX whizzes, account managers, partnership negotiators, CG supervisors, storytellers, producers, actors, gamers and non-gamers alike there really is something for everyone!