Life at TrailerFarm

Established in 2011, we are THE cinematic creative production studio dedicated to delivering the assets that game developers and publishers need to get their games noticed.

A Culture For Innovation

With a main UK studio in Brighton and an extended network of partner studios and contractors globally, we have built robust technical pipelines to deliver complex multi-disciplinary projects. It may have started with trailer editing, but our expertise in technical art has been growing with every cinematic we deliver.  As part of the 10,000 strong Keywords Studios Group we leverage talent and expertise to provide you with solutions to the most ambitious of challenges.

Other things we like...

Chibi the cat yawning
Carla paddleboarding
Dad being jumped on by child
Home office in a garden
Selfie with a chihuahua
Carla tattoo
Yoga on the rocks
Leslie the dog
Aiden in the snow
Jasmine with Simpsons policeman donut
Judy the dog with upsidedown tongue
Fishing on a lake
Jasmine tattoo
Mary aitting on unicorn statue
Bag over head and cocktail
Black cat with tongue out
Moira on the beach
Mayhem Farm
Alys black and white cat with tongue out
Paddleboarding on a lake
chihuahua on the beach
Glass of beer with movie background
Lola the cat with sunglasses
Beach at sunset
Alys driving boat
Halloween costume dinosaur
TF team swearing at camera
Mary on ship by porthole
Mary & K-Lo
PS Controller and dog sleeping
Chihuahua snoozing
malted milk biscuit