Our Expertise

TrailerFarm handles every aspect of trailer and cinematic creation: from conception through production and post-production to creative audio services, localization and versioning.

In addition to trailers, we can create in-game sequences with bespoke assets and support game ideation and development with anything from asset creation, narrative and character development to art direction, character creation, scripts and world building.

In-Engine Cinematics

To get the best footage, you need to be able to get the best out the engine the game runs on. Our in-house technical expertise means we know how to squeeze the best shots out of the most popular engines on the market, and we can work with your proprietary platform too. Unreal, Unity, CRYENGINE, whatever you got, we'll own it.

Our Technical Art team is able to quickly spin up an instance of a client’s engine on our systems. We appraise assets such as characters, rigs, meshes and environments, making sure they are suitable for the required cinematic, and can work within game to provide cutscenes that integrate within the gameplay systems flawlessly. Working within clients’ version control allows easy and effective collaboration. We’ve honed our workflow into an easy modular system on top of your game build, without disrupting your own pipelines.

Pre-Rendered/Offline CG

For some projects and IPs an offline approach is more suitable than working directly in the engine, and our CG/Offline pipeline allows for higher resolution, more accurate lighting, highly complex shaders and complex lens simulation. 

We can use existing game environments and assets or create new assets and shaders to show the IP content in an authentic but idealized form.

Our specialist CG team can import animations into our environments/ scenes using alembic caches, and as well as focusing on lighting, shading and texturing, can handle rigging & skinning of costumes for characters, working with a range of VFX options from background VFX, to VFX depending on and interacting with the animation.

4K Gameplay

Yes, we play video games for a living. It's our mission to show your game at its most awesome. We're expert in choreographing cinematic set-pieces with multiple cameras in Unity, Unreal & Matinee, CRYENGINE or your own engine to create authentic, epic shots that wow. Alternatively, we can consult on what to capture then take your footage and work it beautifully into our edit.

Our dedicated, in-house gameplay capture team who are able to plan and execute the most complex of shots combining clever camera moves and choreography to create gamelike, in engine shots with a little extra flair! They can remove the game’s UI to create a more cinematic feel to the gameplay footage or leave it on to be 100% true to the game experience. Either way our gameplay trailers always include key detail and information about the game for an authentic demonstration of the gameplay experience.


Whether you're looking for charm, impact, or why-the-hell-not both, our battle-hardened specialist in-house animators will use whatever assets you have, and whatever method necessary to tell your story, and we've a wealth of experience in doing it right.

For that top end premium feel, we've multiple animation styles we can call upon, from fully kitted motion capture sessions to extremely detailed hand-keyed animation. 

Love 3D but only got 2D assets? Well why not choose 2.5D! We parallax your assets to create depth and move a camera sideways or through layers to create movement with this highly effective way to transition through the different beats and scenes of your game. 

Perfectly crafted assets will immerse players in the message, getting the cut-through demanded by today's ever-competitive landscape. 

Motion Design

We'll take you on a journey... flying through your game to see graphics in situ within the engine, wizzing across a 2.5D Parallax landscape, or merely spectating as your logo appears before your very eyes. We'll explore imagery through a series of moodboards before refining the concepts into style frames and motion tests and building into high quality motion graphics and post-FX.

Creative Services

Need support for game ideation and development? We can work with an existing lore or narrative, a nugget of an idea from a client, or from scratch, and we spend time upfront getting to the core of the game. 

We're a collective of gamers, creatives, storytellers, writers, geeks and more. We do funny. We do smart. We do epic. We do fun. We do explainers. We do the lot. AND we are experienced in writing creative and marketing copy for all aspects of your game. From story to store presence, considering marketing objectives, target audience and competitor differentiators we develop ideas so they have the desired effect - to build hype and sell copies.


Creative Audio Services

Great audio ALWAYS makes the difference. 

We're experts in sourcing the very best talent to lend their voices to your creative. Whether you want us to direct and leverage existing talent from your own game, or find the perfect voice to drive home your message, we're all over it.

From sourcing, licensing, and crafting the perfect music to work just right with the visual edit, to creating and designing sound effects, and finally mixing and mastering it all to perfection, our award-winning audio team will make sure your creative sounds as good as it looks. 


Previs and Postvis

We’ve made games. So we know how production is, and how to do it. If you’re in the prototyping / development stage and want to see how your vision will come to life, talk to the Trailer Farm. We’ll show you how your final game will look - without code support. We can create everything from in-game cameras, which can then be exported for you to use in the game itself, to whole gameplay vertical slices and Postvis, seamlessly adding final VFX to elevate the experience to an in-progress game. 

Key and Static Art

Whether you want bespoke images or to leverage the assets we make for your main creative, we can produce everything from final key art, box art, and icons, to, well, all the marketing art for your game. SEGA and Atari are just two of the publishers who have recently extended their brief to take advantage of our expertise in this area, and by taking inspiration from video assets you can achieve savings and brand consistency.

Aliens Fireteam Realtime Unreal Key Art

Localisation, Versioning and Delivery

You've got big plans for your game. So you're going to need your content to work on every platform, in every territory. We'll deliver cut downs and versioning tailored for store presence, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TV shorts, and whatever else you need. And you'll want it in EFIGS, Chinese, Russian, Dothraki and Elvish, so we'll make sure you have the localization required to translate content into sales, wherever your audience is.

Finally you need to get your trailers cleared for local markets, VAST tagged and delivered to where it needs to be. Don't panic, we can manage that too! We have in-house delivery experts with backgrounds in global TV and online ad distribution, and we partner with Peach to guarantee the most efficient, cost-effective route to market for your assets. And we're talking minutes, not weeks!