Age of Darkness

Arming yourself with light, you must stand and fight against the impending darkness and the evil it brings. The time is now, defend and rebuild your kingdom against the hordes.

Our talented team brought to life the rich and complex environment of AoD through stunning 2.5D and art origination animation. With a brooding music score supplied by the developer, we focused on sound design that’d ramp up the sinister elements of the game. Featuring blood curdling screams, and unnerving transitions, we hit the trailer with a ton of dark edged suspense.

Stylistically we loved showcasing the dark beauty of this fantasy RTS, fully immersing the viewer in the intense nature of the game. From fighting unrelenting swarms, to building robust defences and managing your resources. Age of Darkness is stacked with tension as the endless tug of war between light and dark rages on.