We love working with the team at Gearbox, so when they asked us to swap our usual action-packed bonanza for a hauntingly beautiful narrative piece following the unlikely friendship between a wolf cub and a fawn, our team scrambled for the chance to debut this beautiful game. 

Breathtakingly stylistic, we leaned into the unique art style that perfectly complimented the emotional evocation of the narrative. 

Starting with a pitch, our team worked hard to develop a storyline, set the tone, create a technical pipeline, and look at every possible way we could do this gorgeous game justice. 

Working within Cinema 4D, we went for a nostalgia-driven VFX approach; with beautiful particle-based snowflake effects giving way to resplendent 2D memories of our protagonists. 

The lighting and set dressing was a dream to create as the trailer was so reliant on the stunning atmosphere of this vast and snowy wilderness. 

Animation bridged the gap beautifully between the stylised nature of the visuals and real-world physics and feel. 

Our incredible audio designer tied the whole thing together with a composed instrumental track which was provided by the client. Paired with a bespoke audio design that is astonishingly immersive and perfectly encapsulates the emotion and magic of the piece. 

Our team is so incredibly proud of this beautiful trailer and we are delighted to share the magic with you.