Darksiders: Genesis

We loved getting the opportunity to add more Darksiders trailers to the collection. Combining high-energy multiplayer game capture and our super-slick motion graphics, we created two tight edits for a co-op focused trailer and the console launch trailer. Our in-house capture team nailed the gameplay shots, showcasing the great range of variation in the abilities of protagonists War and Strife and driving home the core USPs. The launch trailer offers up a high-speed, action-packed edit to really hammer home the energy of the game, while our co-op trailer slows it down slightly and includes a sweet split-screen sequence, reflecting the multiplayer nature of the game.

Completing the set, our Strife trailer introduces the gun-slingin’, wise-crackin’ hero to fans through a sweet edit of beautiful client-provided CGI, gameplay capture and an epic soundtrack. Meanwhile, the Abilities and Creature Cores trailer shows off the new combat style and War and Strife’s unique gameplay styles - all enhanced by our sleek, lovingly crafted text slates. 

Darksiders: Genesis - Co-op Trailer

Darksiders: Genesis - Gamescom Trailer