Death's Door

Check out these beautifully bleak cinematic trailers for Death’s Door which unashamedly reaps the dark and mysterious tone that runs deep throughout the game.

Indie publishing powerhouse Devolver came to us with their brief and ideas and we swiftly got to work on producing scripts, storyboards and animatics, in collaboration with developer Acid Nerve, to pinpoint the tone and flow of the cinematic. 

Everyone here at Team TF loves playing this delightfully dark little beauty.

Death's Door - Announcement Trailer

death's door gameplay on castle walls

In-game assets and custom 3D modelling

We produced the trailer in Unity using a mixture of in-game assets and custom 3D modelling, along with bespoke animation, lighting and VFX to really warp viewers into a hypnagogic noir-inspired world.

We worked collaboratively with the developer to really show off our audio chops and bring life to the game’s deathly soundscapes. This cinematic features unusual ambiences and textures juxtaposed with a morbidly humour-tinged journey into the afterlife. The graveyard shift never looked and sounded so great...

Death's Door - Launch Trailer

In-game assets, custom rigging, hand-keyed animation...

Following the massively successful, and massively stunning, Death’s Door reveal trailer back in 2020 - our top pals Devolver Digital were back for more and we were more than happy to deliver.

Working within the mighty Unity engine, this absolutely gorgeous, dynamically visual piece utilises the best of in-game assets. However, just like the little-crow-who-could, we didn’t stop there.

With custom rigging, hand-keyed animation, whimsical cinematic finesse, mesmerising VFX, a soundscape to die for. The TrailerFarm team really took things to the next level and the results are absolutely resplendent.