Desperados III

We love partnering up with the outlaws over at THQ Nordic so when they asked us to help them on their campaign, including character trailers, an E3 trailer and their Launch trailer, we knew we wanted to be quick on the draw.

To make these trailers sing we needed the custom capture and edit skills to be as sharp as John Cooper’s duelling, with our Editor and Capture Artist extraordinaire, Tom, diving deep into the game to really get under its skin. The resulting trailers showcase the stealthy, shooty, and shrewd gameplay that Desperados fans know and love. Now that’s more than just luck, punk. 

Desperados III - THQ Nordic [E3 Trailer]

Desperados III Key Art

Distinctive characters need distinctive introductions and our Motion Graphics team made sure that the stunning text slates gave our favourite Wild West Legends the inauguration they deserved. We were especially hyped for the opportunity to reveal the insanely cool Isabelle Moreau, designing a custom, dynamic, iridescent broken glass shader that’s as badass as it is beautiful.

A killer edit needs killer audio, and we found the perfect tracks to encapsulate the individual styles and strategies for each character. With audio and edit working seamlessly together, we fine tuned every second to ensure there was no beat, nor lyric, wasted. 

Listen closely to the expert use of the in-game foley, peppered with that TrailerFarm magic, and hear how we were able to use handpicked, specific sounds to tailor each and every trailer.

Desperados III was already a hotly anticipated game, and with the release of these magnificent trailers, fans new and old were saddling up and ready to play. Yeehaw.

Isabelle Moreau Trailer

Desperados III - Voodoo

Desperados III - Doc McCoy Tailer

Desperados III - Doc McCoy

Desperados III - Hector Trailer

Desperados III - Hector Trailer