DiRT Showdown

Being the masters of motorsport gaming, we were thrilled to team up with Codies on their hit DiRT spin-off, DiRT Showdown! Our own illustrious history with racing development and marketing meant we were the obvious choice. We proved it with this blistering wreck-fest of a trailer. This followed on from a set of web shorts we produced for the game, and maintaining style and consistency across all of these was key... Smashing up all those high-res cars was optional but we had a blast doing it anyway!

DiRT Showdown - Short 1 ‘What Goes On Tour’

DiRT Showdonw - Short 2 ‘Go Hard Or Go Home

DiRT Showdonw - Short 3 ‘Never Life Off’

Short 4 ‘Get Flashy, Stay Flashy’

Short 5 ‘Never Give Way’