Everspace 2

Everspace 2 immerses the player in a world of sci-fi combat, exploration and adventure. As you traverse through this beautiful cinematic universe, you discover allies that guide you, and adversaries ready to lead you astray. 

When Rockfish reached out to work with us, we were super stoked to delve into this impressive and detailed cosmic world. The brief? Creating over 20 beautifully crafted cinematic cutscenes, all featuring throughout the game itself.

To capture the essence of Everspace 2 we worked with existing VO lines, matching them seamlessly with expansive celestial scenes and fast paced, tension building combat.

We love being a part of this project, and we’re crazy proud to add our permanent creative touch to this legendary galactic game.

Everspace 2 - Cutscene 1

Everspace 2 - Cutscene 2

Everspace 2 - Cutscene 3

Everspace 2 - Cutscene 4

Everspace 2 - Cutscene 5