Fall Guys

From the very first E3 trailer to the most recent 2022 releases, TrailerFarm have loved being a part of the Fall Guys universe. 

With each trailer more crazy, colourful, and creative than the last, the well-oiled Fall Guys trailer making team continue to push limits at every opportunity. 

From concept art to modelling, animation to lighting, these full-scale CG masterpieces bring “The Greatest Show on Earth” to life in the most extraordinary of ways. 

Hot dog! 

Launch Trailer

Squashable. Grabbable. Customisable. And very, very memeable. Fall Guys broke the internet, serving up wholesome, addictive, and gloriously cute gameplay, shaking up the battle royale landscape.

When the guys at Mediatonic and DevolverDigital came back and asked for a launch trailer to follow 2019’s big reveal, the team here at The TrailerFarm were more than ready to make a grab for the crown.

Starting from a licensed soundtrack from the client and a blank page, it was our mission to express the idea of stumbling to greatness. We delivered beautiful bespoke animation for a narrative that follows our plucky hero Fall Guy as he runs, jumps, ducks, bounces, and, well, falls to victory. This charming cinematic trailer captured the game’s spirit on launch day, as well as showing off those all important different costumes.

Ultimate Knockout

The custom CG perfectly captures all the game’s frantic fun and chaos, and is taken to another level with powerful audio design across a music track that can’t help but make you smile. These are trailers worthy of the game’s viral impact.

One YouTube comment summed it up best: “Man. This trailer is a masterpiece.” Hotdog!

HOTDOG! “Man. This trailer is a masterpiece.”
Fall guys characters dressed as vikings
Giant Penguin and Fall Guys beans in costumes
Pink Fall Guy underwater
Fall Guys characters in dressing up costumes
Fall Guy Circus Trainer with Pink Rhino

We've also done some pretty cool Crossover content for “The Greatest Show on Earth”...

2B Nier Automata fall guy
Fall guy in Clank costume
Fall guy dressed in Ratchet costume
Jungle book characters lounging in abandoned temple
Fall Guy swinging away from robotic rhinos
fall guys characters in Nightmare Before Christmas costumes