Have A Nice Death

You’ve been working all day and night…filing paperwork after paperwork… soul after soul… only to discover that your contemptuous subordinates have been wreaking havoc and disregarding everything that took you so long to build… Now it’s up to you as Death Inc’s illustrious CEO to show them who’s boss.

We were thrilled to death to work on another project for Gearbox - this time on a hand drawn 2D action rogue-lite game aptly titled: Have a Nice Death. Tools of the Trade is part of a series of trailers we created for Gearbox. This Weapons trailer focuses on the magnitude of weapons, cloaks and spells available in game.

Tools of The Trade is an energetic trailer, action packed with nightmarish fuel which invokes the feeling that you might transform into a soul being processed by Death himself.

So, slip on your cloak, and seize your scythe,  for you are to step into the corporate nightmare that is… Have a Nice Death.