Monstrum 2

When the awesome folks over at Junkfish got in touch and asked us for a heartstopping cinematic piece to introduce the sequel to their nailbiting survival horror, Monstrum II, our team couldn’t wait to channel their inner Ridley Scott and produce a trailer which would have fans of the franchise on the edge of their seats.

Our crack team of creatives got to work, creating an electrifying horror short that would leave eager adrenaline junkies watching through their fingers. The killer in-engine cinematics were seamlessly integrated with custom character and creature animation, resulting in a palm-sweating, hair-raising and blood-curdling trailer that would make Predator sleep with the lights on.

How do you follow a badass trailer? With another badass trailer, obvs. Following the cinematic reveal, Junkfish gave us the opportunity to ramp up the tension even more with a pure gameplay trailer. After all, who doesn’t love a sequel?

Our killer capture team sprang into action, creating a narrative to perfectly encapsulate Monstrum II’s heart-racing survival gameplay. Everyone loves a villain, so we captured and seamlessly edited gameplay of both the hunted and the hunter, including a stealthy and spine-chilling first-monster perspective to put viewers in the centre of the chase.

Complimenting a trailer absolutely bursting with scares, stalking, and suspense, our custom motion graphics punctuated choreographed gameplay sequences to drive home key beats.

Atmosphere was everything with this one, so to top it off, we created a unique music track, mixing up the game's ambient menu music with an aggressive hard hitting electronic track. The sound design is a carefully weaved combination of the game's sound effects, with layers upon layers of building cinematic ambience. Turn it up and turn the lights out.