The words ‘Dystopian’ and ‘Management Sim’ don’t often go hand in hand. Railgrade however, is an exception to the rule. Dropped into an off-world colony, in the wake of economic disaster, the weight of logistical and financial success sits squarely on your shoulders.

Using strategy and adept building skills, you’ll bring back the glory days of industrial advancement and most importantly.. you’ll keep your overlords happy.

Through a mixture of cinematics and gameplay footage, we introduce the viewer to the unforgiving world of Railgrade. Thrown into a desolate, empty landscape, we see it develop rapidly into a hive of industrial activity. Throughout the trailer VO and audio picks up in tempo, finally hitting a crescendo as the world of logistics begins to grow around you.

But remember, commitment to your overlords is paramount. Dedication, optimisation, and innovation are expected. Can you deliver?