Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 - Teaser Trailer

We love working on Devolver Digital games, and this effort saw us bring the big, bold and blood-soaked Shadow Warrior 3 teaser trailer to the world. The franchise’s dedicated fanbase rightly have high anticipation and huge expectations from the next outing of anti-hero Lo Wang, so it was time for our team to work that TrailerFarm magic.

This fourth-wall smashing script from Devolver was brought to life by our cinematics team who had an absolute blast crafting this amazingly choreographed masterpiece using in-engine assets. From brutal violence and slick action to shocked bunny reaction shots, this trailer has it all. It’s messy, it’s hilarious and it’s undoubtedly Shadow Warrior.

Shadow Warrior 3 - Teaser Trailer

Lo Wang kicking teaser trailer sign

Shadow Warrior 3 - Launch Trailer

A rooster the size of a house? Check. Lightning bolts shooting from fingertips? Check. Ego-tistical main character? Check.

Our super talented team brought this fast paced trailer to life through destructive VFX, perfectly timed shot changes and stunning modelling. 

The modelling itself involved the team designing rancid bits of trash for Lo Wang's desk as well as his PC. Nice. We took it back to the old skool and created a grey, grubby, 90's PC matching it with a classic 90's interface!

We had great fun pushing the cinematic boundaries with this one.

Shadow Warrior 3 - Launch Trailer

Mask in front of firework background