Smurfs: Bubble Story

With the latest animated Smurfs movie taking just under $200 million at the box office, Sony were keen to show off their addictive mobile game tie-in, Smurfs: Bubble Story! Our talented staff keyed in to the look and style of the film, blending 3D and 2D elements in a congruous way, to create a dynamic and energetic trailer, with comic timing, pacing and sensibility, to match that of the animated blockbuster! Not to mention talking heads from the likes of Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Pudi, Jack McBrayer, Joe Manganiello and Grammy nominated musician-turned-actress, Demi Lovato!

Smurfs: Bubble Story - User Acquisition Trailer

Smurfs: Bubble Story - (Feat. Michelle Rodriguez) TV Commercial

Smurfs: Bubble Story - (Feat. Demi Lovato & Joe Manganiello) TV Commercial

Smurfs: Bubble Story - Feat. Danny Pudi, Ariel Winter & Jack McBrayer) TV Commercial

Smurfs: Bubble Story - Television Commercial