Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

It’s only FREAKING SPYRO!!! We were over the moon when California-based Toys for Bob reached out to us to create a new ident for the latest entry in the legendary franchise. With the 3D model of our BFF purple dragon in hand, we set about building the scene, recreating the Toys for Bob Logo in glorious ultra-hi-rez detail, animating Spyro and giving him a glittering, magical particle trail because that’s what he deserves. The ident incorporated volumetric clouds, used ray tracing techniques, included multiple AOV passes, and we ensured that all that shiny, shiny metal shone at its very best. Need an ident to wow fans from the off? Talk to The TrailerFarm.

Two Point Hospital - Announcement Trailer

Two Point Hospital - Sandbox Trailer 60"