The Ascent

When we heard that our comrades at Curve Digital needed a gritty, thrilling, Launch Trailer to mark the release of their cyberpunk sensation, The Ascent, team TrailerFarm were thrilled to be called to action.

Curve Digital provided some brilliant insight into the tongue-in-cheek, mesmerisingly brutal world of The Ascent, and we knew that we had to absolutely nail the trailer’s unique tone to get the already hyped fans even more excited for the release.

We knew we wanted the Launch Trailer to be narrative-driven, showing the highs and lows of reality on planet Veles. Our writing team got to work, capturing the lovingly cynical voice of The Ascent’s overlords… erm… we mean narrator.

The stunning neon metropolis of The Ascent world meant that we could flex our creative muscles to match the oppressive beauty of this technological dystopia, and we instantly looked into how to best utilise stunning motion graphics to perfectly set the atmosphere. Tone set, we then used a combination of darkly sardonic wordplay and visually imposing glitch effects and created text slates to keep viewers guessing with every beat.

Custom VO was mastered perfectly by our Audio Team and the addition of a high-intensity music track and sound fx throughout keeps a heart-pounding exciting pace right up to our surprise post-credits cut scene.