The Bradwell Conspiracy

We loved working with creative powerhouse Bossa Studios to deliver a series of trailers for The Bradwell Conspiracy. When an explosion rocks the launch of Bradwell Electronics’ “Clean Water Initiative” at its Stonehenge Museum, the player is drawn deep into the bowels of the company’s secret underground complex. Can they find out what triggered the catastrophe? And what is the disturbing truth behind a corporation that may not be as compassionate as it seems?

Our reveal trailer takes viewers on a trip through the game’s beautifully stylised environments with gameplay capture and camera shots that showcase the mysterious and tense ambiance in the game. Glitchy-mograph selected lines of dialogue harvested from the game script and a score from the game’s composer coupled with sound design all tease the atmosphere of the game, while bold text-slates drive home key gameplay pillars and marketing hooks. 

The Bradwell Conspiracy - Trailer 2

The Bradwell Conspiracy - Trailer 1